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Alfred D Cameyer

Alfred D Cammeyer was born in Long Island in 1861 at the start of the Civil War. He was the son of Harry Cammeyer, a Wholesale Grocer in Brooklyn and Annie who came from England.

Alfred came to England some time after 1880 and before 1900. In 1880 he was working for his father and by 1900 he had been in partnership with Clifford Essex and had taken over Essex's workshops in Soho when the partnership ended. He is known for producing Zither Banjos (Vibrante and Vibrante Royal) although later he made tenor and plectrum banjos as well.

Cammeyer retired in 1939 but the production of banjos continued through his designer Sidney Young until 1963. The later banjos do not carry Cammeyer's signature - only those between 1900 and 1939 otherwise the instruments were the same. Cammeyer died in 1949.