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Welcome to Banjolin's Folkipedia, (folk-i-pedia) a folk and traditional music Wiki.


What is Folkipedia?

Folkipedia is a collection of articles about Folk which others can contribute to. The articles are linked and searchable and you can stop off and add to an existing article or start a new one if it doesn't exist.

The aim of Folkipedia is to provide a resource to everyone interested in the Traditional Music, Songs, Dances, Instruments, Folklore and People that form the rich culture called Folk. This can be a repository of lyrics, histories, biographies, explanations, how-tos - anything connected with the folk world. It is not intended as a definitive academic work and really began as an exercise to research and record my own interest beyond that of The Mandolin Pages.


How do I use Folkipedia?

Just type in a word in the search box to get started, or follow a Link to head into the pages. If the page doesn't exist yet, why not start one? If you know something that's not there, add it!


How do I contribute to Folkipedia?

You should read the sections on Basic Editing and if you're new to wikis, and use the Sandbox to practice in. The editor is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) so it's easy to create content.