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A Northamptonshire village and Cotswold Morris tradition. A Whitsun tradition that had died out by the mid 19th century, before Sharp collected the dances. Sharp recovered 7 of 22 known dances and reports sides in nearby villages. The Brackley Fool and Molly seem to have been one character. Music was a pipe. Modern revival side formed in 1959.


White trousers, linen shirt, double baldrick with rosettes (10 on each shoulder), hip ribbons, high hats with ribbon and rosettes.

Dances (Sharp)

  • Jockey to the Fair (C)
  • The Maid of the Mill
  • The Old Woman Who Carried a Broom (H)
  • Month of May (S)
  • Shooting (S)
  • Lads a Bunchum
  • Bacca Pipes (J)

Dances (Bacon)

  • The Captain with his Whiskers (Month of May)
  • Bean Setters
  • The Rose Tree in Full Bearing
  • Balancy Straw (S/HC)
  • Bob and Joan (S/HC)

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