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Abbotts Bromley

A village in Staffordshire and home of the Horn Dance, part of the Morris tradition but unlike any other.

The Abbotts Bromley Horn Dance is a strange dance which one could easily believe dates back a long way and opinion is divided as to whether it is ancient or just Anglo Saxon.

The horns are kept in the church and collected in the morning of the dance. The dancers comprise 6 Deer Men, a Fool, a Hobby Horse, Bowman and Maid Marian. It takes place on Wakes Monday which is around the second week in September.

The horns are reindeer antlers and have apparently been dated to 1065 and are thought to have been brought from Scandinavia, the reindeer not being native to England. The horns are mounted on small wooden heads.

The dance has two parts which follow continuously. A processional followed by a circle dance. There is a special tune for the dance.