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A village on the Oxfordshire-Berkshire border and one of the Cotswold Morris traditions. Sharp reported that it had a long tradition and curious ceremony which involved a black bull whose horns were carried on a pole. It was a midsummer (or almost - June 21st) tradition.


Horn-bearer, Mayor, Ex-Mayor, Fool, Musician and 6 dancers


High hat with silk ribbon, flowers and streamers, white shirt and trousers, waist ribbon with bunches hanging at the hips, crossed baldricks and wrist and arm ribbons.

Dances (Sharp)

  • Princess Royal (H)

Bacon reports that there are more dances, but Princess (or Princes') Royal is the only one published and the side wants it left that way. The repertoire is:

  • Processional
  • Broom Dance (J)
  • The Nutting Girl
  • Constant Billy
  • Sally Luker
  • The Curly Headed Ploughboy
  • The Girl I left Behind Me
  • The Maid of the Mill
  • The Squire's (Mayor's) Dance
  • Jockie to the Fair
  • The Duke of Marlborough
  • Shepherds' Hey (J)