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Adderbury is an Oxfordshire village, near Banbury. A Whitsun tradition of Cotswold Morris. In the 19th century the team wore white shirts, black trousers, no hat and crossed red and blue baldricks. Characters include a treasurer with an oak money box round his neck and a fool. This team died out towards the end of the 19th century. A revival team was established at the village school during the Edwardian era and some of the boys developed into a men's Morris team, prior to First World War. There are pictures of this side wearing top hats, green and white baldricks and black trousers and the identity of the members and colours were established, through talking to older village residents, in 1974. Indeed, one of the dancers in the photographs, Charlie Coleman, was still alive at that time. Of those in the pictures, only two returned from the First World War and that revival of Morris dancing in Adderbury therefore died with them. Adderbury Morris Men were the first modern revival side in 1974, with The Adderbury Village Morris Men forming as a breakaway in 1976.

Dances (Sharp):

  • Constant Billy (S)
  • Lads A Bunchum (S)
  • Sweet Jenny Jones (S)
  • The Buffoon (H)
  • The Black Joke (H)

Dances (Bacon):

  • Beaux of London City
  • Blue Bells of Scotland
  • Washing Day
  • Brighton Camp
  • Happy Man
  • Postman's Knock
  • Roast Beef of Old England
  • The Flowing Bowl
  • Haste to the Wedding (Rory O'More)
  • Princess Royal
  • Shepherds Hey
  • Jockie to the Fair
Dances and Jigs (Janet Blunt):
  • Washing Day
  • Constant Billy 
  • Lads a Bunchum
  • Beaux of London City
  • Roast Beef of Old England
  • The Happy Man
  • Postman's Knock
  • The Flowing Bowl
  • Sweet Jenny Jones (6/8 time)
  • Buffoon
  • Black Joke
  • Shepherd's Hay
  • Princess Royal (Jig and Dance)
  • Jockey to the Fair (Jig)
  • Hail to the Chief
  • Stourton Wake
  • Brighton Camp
  • Bluebells of Scotland
  • Haste to the Wedding
  • Old Woman Tossed up in a Blanket