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winkA large island and almost a continent. Habitable round the edge and origin of many things. Opals, Soap Operas, Fosters. 'Strine, Crocodile Dundee (Paul Hogan), Sir Les and Dame Edna, Wine, Kangeroos and Koalas, deadly spiders which hide in the dunny etc. Australia invented the Rotary Washing Line.

The indiginous population have introduced the west to the Didgeredoo via Rolf Harris who also gave us the Wobble Board - probably not a native instrument.

There are many Folk Songs featuring Australia as it was the land to which convicts were transported from Britain often for the most trivial of offences. Both Australia and Tasmania (Van Dieman's Land) were home to many convicts up to 1848 when the transportation ended. Two years later saw a Gold Rush.

There is a rich culture of Folk Music and Song in Australia, of Anglo-Celtic origin and introduced by the settlers. It has evolved its own way. The best known Australian Folk Song is probably Waltzing Matilda but there are many about the Gold Rush, Bushrangers, Shearing and Sailors.