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Basque Country

Euskal Herria in Basque.

A region of Western Europe bordering Spain and France in the area of the Pyrenees. The indiginous people of the Basque Country are neither Spanish nor French. Their language is not a romance language nor is it even proto indo-european.

It is a unique culture which has some interestingly similar dances to English Rapper, Morris and Sword dances.

The best known sword dance is the Ezpatadantza although the earliest recorded mention of the dance is not until 1601 and is danced on the feast of St Michael the Archangel. (Basque Dance By John M. Ysursa)

The Dantzari Dantza is a cycle of 9 dances which take place around an Oak Tree peeled of its bark and with flowers atop. The dance features 2 parallel lines of dancers.

The Mutxikoak is a dance of Basque Ancestors. Mutxikoak means  "a young boy’s dance", although women dance it more now than young boys. It is danced in circle as around a sun, where the individuality of each other fuse together.