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Bending Notes

First position notes

Bending produces notes not found in the diagram of a C harmonica.

The different notes are produced with the interaction of the draw and blow reeds in a particular hole. A bend can be produced if the reeds are more than a semitone apart, so holes 5 and 7 can not be bent and it is the highest of each pair that can be bent. This means 1 - 4, 6 and 8-10 can be bent. If the reeds are further apart greater bends can be produced. eg Hole 3 draw B can be bent down a tone and a half to Ab.



Bending is done by altering the resonance of the mouth and throat.

Try drawing on hole 4 and mouthing 'eeyore' as you breathe in, with a bit of luck this will produce a bend from D to C#. Try other holes and practice for several years to get control of these extra notes.

Even more notes can be produced by overblowing and overdrawing.