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Billy Cooper

Billy was a Dulcimer player from Hingham in Norfolk although actually born in London. His father played Euphonium in the village band and Dulcimer and Concertina which he taught to Billy. He also taught Billy Bennington to play Hammer Dulcimer.

He was in the Suffolk Regiment in the First World War and came to be in charge of the Fife and Drum band. When he returned to the village he took up the famuly business of Greengrocery and spent most of his time playingin the local pub - The Eight Ringers. He would sometimes play a different pub at lunctime and often went out playing with Billy Bennington.

He also played for local dances and played Concertina and Accordian as well as the dulcimer for which he is best known. 

He was recorded with by Reg Hall and Mervyn Plunkett.