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A small village in Gloucestershire with a Cotswold Morris tradition which had died many years before Sharp collected the dances from some of the old dancers. Sometimes included with Idbury which was a distinct tradition but now lost.


'usual' (Sharp) pleated shirt with rosettes and ribbons, ordinary trousers and box hats

Dances (Sharp)

  • The Gallant Hussar (H)
  • William and Nancy (H)
  • Leap-Frog (H)
  • Trunkles (C)
  • Princess Royal (J)
  • Lumps of Plum Pudding (J)
  • Ladies' Pleasure (J)

Dances (Bacon)

  • Hey Diddle Dis (P)
  • Young Collins (S/HC)
  • Billy Boy (S/HC)
  • Idbury Mill (H)
  • The Maid of the Mill(H)
  • Morning Star (H)
  • The Old Woman Tossed Up (H)
  • Over the Water to Charlie (H)
  • Flowers of Edinburgh (H)
  • Bonnets O' Blue (H)
  • General Monk's March (H)
  • We Won't Go Home Till Morning (H)
  • The Cuckoos Nest (H)
  • Glorishear (Leap-Frog) (H)
  • Saturday Night (H)
  • Highland Mary (J)
  • Balance the Straw (J)