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An English Folk Group formed in 1978 although one of the founding members was Australian. Bill O'Toole (the Australian - Bagpipes and Flute) and Jon Swayne (also Bagpipes and Flute) met at the London College of Furniture when studying Woodwind Instrument making.

The name Blowzabella apart from being a pun is the name of an English Jig. Their music is English and European, bordering on World.

Original Members:   Bill O'Toole (Bagpipes and Flute), Jon Swayne (Bagpipes and Flute), Chris Gunstone (Bouzouki), Juan Wijngaard (Hurdy Gurdy, Bagpipes), Dave Armitage (Melodeon, Bombarde).

Other Members: Dave Roberts (Melodeon), Sam Palmer (Hurdy Gurdy), Nigel Eaton (Hurdy Gurdy), Ian Luff (Cittern)

Current Members (2008):  Andy Cutting (Button Accordian), Jo Freya (Clarinet, Saxophone), Paul James (Bagpipes, Saxophone), Gregory Jolivet (Hurdy Gurdy), David Shepherd (Violin), Barn Stradling (Bass Guitar), Jon Swayne (Bagpipes, Saxophone).

The book Encyclopaedia Blowzabellica published in 1986 is well regarded in the Folk World as a source of tunes.


  •  Blowzabella 1892
  • In Colour 1983
  • Tam Lin 1984
  • Bobbitshooty 1984
  • Wall of Sound 1986
  • The B to A of Blowzabella 1986
  • Pingha Frenzy 1988
  • A Richer Dust 1988
  • Vanilla 1990
  • Compilation 1995
  • Octomento 2007