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Boosey and Company started out as publishers and booksellers in the late 18th century, the family having come to London from what is now Belgium. They branched into musical instruments in the 19th century and also became involved in wind and reed Instrument manufacture from 1851 and stringed instruments from 1874.

In 1930, the then owner, Leslie Boosey merged the company with one run and owned by Ralph Hawkes to create Boosey & Hawkes.

 The chronology of Boosey

1760 John Boosey Music Lending Library

1792 Boosey and Sons,Old Bond Street

1816 Thos. Boosey and Co.

1854 Boosey and Sons, 28 Holles Street (ca. 1854-1864)

  • additional address at 24 Holles Street, (ca. 1857-1864)

1859 Boosey and Ching (Harmoniums) Holles Street and then Wells Street (October 1859)

1864 Boosey and Co., 28 and 24 Holles Street (ca. 1864-1874)

1874 Boosey and Co, Regent Street

1930 Boosey and Hawkes 295 Regent Street