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Breton Pipes

The Breton Bagpipes are the Veuze and Biniou.

Veuze or Veze Poitou

One of the oldest forms of Breton Bagpipes, it has a conical bore chanter, double reed and a mouth inflated bag and a single reed single drone (either bass or tenor). It is a traditional instrument from the South of Brittany and the Vendée and is similar to the Galician bagpipe - the Gaita and the Cabrette found in the Auvergne. The range is just over an octave and it is commonly tuned to one of G, A, Bb, B or C.

Biniou Kozh

Smallest and highest pitched bagpipe, also known as Biniou Koz or Biniou Bihan (old Bagpipe and Small Bagpipe). It is usually tuned to one of G, A, Bb, B or C and has a 10 note range. Bb and G seem to be the most common. It is played with a Bombarde in a duet known as a Sonerion. It is mouth blown with a single drone. The duet style is an instrumental equivalent of the chant and counterchant (Kan ha diskan) style of Breton singing.

Biniou Braz

Really, in all respects, a Great Highland Bagpipe, introduced in the late 1800s and becoming popular paired with the Bombarde in the mid 1900s.