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A village in Oxfordshire and a Cotswold Morris tradition. The tradition continued longer than some - up to the 1880s. Sharp reported that the dances were similar to Kirtlington and the Bucknell men attended the Kirtlington Lamb Ale in the week after Whitsun. A handkerchief only tradition (no sticks) and music by pipe and tabor.


High hats with ribbons, cockade and streamers (worn on the outside of the set - on the left by odd numbers and on the right by evens). Pleated linen shirts, ribbons at wrist, elbow and upper arm; red braces, sash, white cord trousers.

Dances (Sharp):

  • Bonny Green
  • Room for the Cuckoo (HC)
  • Saturday Night (progressive)
  • Bonnets so Blue (J)

Dances (Bacon):

Bacon adds a few but is skeptical of some like Maid of the Mill and reconstructions

  • The Queen's Delight