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Circassian Circle

A social Circle Dance.

Form a circle in couples. Ladies on the left. Everybody joins hands.

  1. All: 4 steps in to centre, 4 steps out
  2. Repeat.
  3. Ladies: 4 steps in to centre, clap, 4 steps out
  4. Gentlemen: 4 steps in to centre, clap, 4 steps out
  5. Balance to partner
  6. Swing partner
  7. Promenade partner
  8. Gentlemen: move partner to your right. Lady on your left is new partner. Dance starts again.

Novel Variations:
Replacing the All, Ladies and Gents 4 steps in, the caller may call out a series of often increasingly risque criteria. Starting with something like 'All those wearing Blue' and progressing to 'All ladies wearing stockings' and so on. It can get as bizarre and rude as the caller and dancers will stand. Make sure you know your audience!