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Cock And Bull Band

An English Ceilidh Band, which is a curious concept in itself. The band comprised Dave Whetstone, Paul Martin, Brad Bradstock and Jean Pierre Rasle and started life as the Hemlock Cock and Bull Band. Dave Whetstone left in 1985. The band is now: Jean-Pierre Rasle, Paul Martin, Pete Lockwood and Steve Cobham and are still playing gigs, Festivals and ceilidhs.

They play English and French tunes on Bagpipes, Clarinet, Keyboard, Mandocello, Accordian and Appalachian Dulcimer.

They have produced a number of recordings:

  • All Buttoned Up
  • Eyes Close and Rocking
  • A Cock and Bull Story
  • Below the Belt
  • Concrete Routes, Sacred Cows
  • Pumped Up and Loaded
  • Encore Du Vingt