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A county in the far West and South of England and practically a different nation. It has strong Celtic associations and is similar in many respects to both Wales and Brittany especially in its language. Known since prehistory for its Tin but more recently for its Pasties allegedly shaped to survive a fall down a mine shaft and with a crust to hold with dirty hands. Proper ones should have meat and vegetables at one end and jam at the other.

It is home to the Padstow Hobby Horse celebrations and the Helston Furry Dance in May and Mummers plays such as the Padstow Hal An Tow are known over a wider area. Cecil Sharp noted a Furry Dance at St Austell, Grampound and Penryn and others were known at the Lizard and at Bodmin. The latter gave rise to a commonly known English tune - Bodmin Riding.

Crying The Neck is a local Harvest custom. Midsummer bonfires are known and there is a Mock Mayor custom at Polperro. Wassailing is also known in many villages.

Cornwall has a form of Bagpipe with two independent Chanters.