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Dance Terms

Reel of Three

A figure of eight move for three people in a line. All three follow the same path
from different starting positions until back in place. Similar to a hey. One dancer faces the other 2 and passes by right shoulder with the next person and left shoulder with the next. At the end of the set, turn (half way) round to face the other dancers and continue weaving to place.


  1. A number of dancers (as in set of three)
  2. The configuration of the dancers (as in square set)
  3. A move of 2 chassé steps right and 2 left with hand movements. Followed by a swing


Each couple in a longways set hold hands. One couple move in one direction 2 steps forwards, all the rest move 2 steps backwards. The first couple move down behind the next and take 2 paces back. The other couples move up and take 2 paces forward. The move is repeated as the first couple weave in and out of the other dancers down the set.


A couple face each other. Move towards each other and pass by right shoulders. Slip sideways past their partner's back and back into place. Without turning round.