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Dance is both ritual and social and plays a central part of folk culture. A vast number of dance styles and individual dances exist and in many cases, particular tunes are inextricably linked with the dance.

The most fundamental element of dance is rhythm. The melody of the tune used is almost incidental except that it may be recognised as announcing a particular dance (e.g. The Dashing White Sergeant or Buttered Peas or a named Set Dance). The tempo is something negotiated between the dancers and the band.

Dance normally involves partners but can be solo (solo jig) and may be performed for display rather than social. There may be one or two partners. Dances may be in pairs (or threes), sets of 4, 6, 8 etc, in lines or in circles.

Each dance style has a terminology of its own (Set, Allemand, Pousette, Rondé, Gallop, Star etc.)

There are dance competitions for those who like such things.

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