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A county in England towards the North and partly in the Pennines. Contains the fabulous Peak District and is home to several folk traditions. The rock outcrops a particular type of sandstone called Millstone Grit from which grindstones of all sorts and sizes have been made for a very long time. The cutlery industry of Sheffield used the nearby gritstone to sharpen knife blades and it was widely used in Windmills and Water Mills for millstones to mill flour.


Winster, Tideswell and Castleton all have collected traditions.

Well Dressing

Many villages in Derbyshire have Well Dressing. Some are well known such as Eyam - a village which became known because of the Black Death which arrived there with flea infested clothes brought from London. The village isolated itself to prevent the spread.

Well dressing is decorating a well or water supply usually with flowers. It is possible that the dressing began as a mark of thanks for the clean water supply at the time of the Black Death, but may actually be much older. The actual dressing is done with elaborate patterns made of petals pressed into wet clay. Well Dressing sometimes signals the start of Wakes Week

Folk Plays

A variant of Mummers Plays