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DobroMany stringed Instruments such as the Guitar have a chamber formed by the body in which air resonates in sympathy with the Soundboard and acts as a natural amplifier.

In 1928, the Dopyera Brothers formed the Dobro Manufacturing Company which was to make a new style of Guitar with a revolutionary resonator. Instead of the body and air chamber, the design used metal cones and this made them louder to cope in bands before the advent of electrical amplification.

The first resonator, designed by John Dopyera, was sold under the National brand and was called the tricone resonator system (there were 3 spun aluminium cones). John left and with 4 other brothers formed Dobro and designed a single cone resonator. National and Dobro merged in 1932.

The resonator guitar is now known (whatever its origin or manufacturer) as a Dobro.