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Dr Strangely Strange

An Irish Folk Group from Dublin. Formed in 1967 and labelled 'experimental' or Psychedelic Folk Rock.

Members: Tim Booth, Ivan Pawle, Tim Goulding, Orphan Annie (Annie Xmas)

Other Members: Neil Hopwood, Andy Irvine, Punka Khosa, Dave Mattacks, Dave McFarlane, Gary Moore, Johnny Moynihan, Jay Myrdall, Brendan Sheils, Bruno Staehelin, Joe Thoma, TJM Tutty, Heather Woods, Gay Woods, Terry Woods,  


  • Kip of the Serenes (1969)
  • Heavy Petting (1970)
  • Alternative Medicine: The Difficult Third Album (1997)
  • Halcyon Days. (2007)