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Edward IIAnd The Red Hot Polkas

Also Edward II and E2K, a fusion band "mixing the heartbeat of Jamaican Reggae and Ska with the squeezebox sounds of English traditional dance music". Formed in 1985. The composition of the band changed constantly and the exact composition at any given time is likely to be a permutation of the following plus guests!:

Members: Martin Brinsford (percussion), Rod Stradling (Melodeon), Danny Stradling (percussion), Dave Haines, John Gill (Bass), Tee Carthy (Bass), Glen Latouche (vocals), Gavin Sharp (Saxophone, Keyboard, John Hart (Trombone), Simon Care (Melodeon), Neil Yates (Trumpet, Guitar), Jon Moore (Guitar), Alton Zebby (Drums), Steve Goulding (Drum), Tom Greehalgh (Guitar), Barney Stradling (Guitar), Lorna Bailey (vocals), MvKilla (Rap), Rees Wesson (Accordian, Melodeon), Neil Fairclough (Bass), Pat Illingworth (Drum), Andy Morel (Saxophone), Kellie While (vocals), Kwame Yeboah (vocals), Gareth Warren (Melodeon, Paul Francis (Drum), Robert Fordjour (Drum).


  • Let's Polkasteady (1987)
  • Two Step to Heaven (1989)
  • Wicked Men (1991)
  • This Way Up (1998)
  • Live at Cropredy
  • Shift (2001)
  • If Not Now (2003)