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Electric Guitar

A Guitar with no natural resonator in the body (a solid body) and using Pick Ups to sense the vibrations of the strings. The electrical signal induced in the Pick Ups is Amplified electronically.

It was created as a response to the need for louder instruments, but quickly became an iconic instrument of the 1960s among the new groups which were forming. It is a staple instrument of many genres of music - Jazz, Rock, Country And Western, Blues and many more.

Although the early development is attributed to innovators like Les Paul and Adolph Rickenbacker, many Guitar makers were experimenting with home-made devices and it was not unusual to find semi-acoustic guitars with hand-wound Pick Ups in the late 1940s and 1950s.

The name probably more associated with the Electric Guitar than any other is Fender which started production in 1946. With two Pick Ups, it was to become the famous Telecaster . The Stratocaster followed in 1953 and featured the tremolo arm much used by the Shadows.

With the ability to introduce Effects into the signal between the Guitar and the Amplifier to modify the sound, the Electric Guitar proved to be the most versatile of instruments.