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Electronic Tuners

tunertunerAn electronic tuner is a boon to most musicians as it quickly and easily allows tunable instruments to get up to (usually) Concert Pitch. In an environment where there are free Reed Instruments tunable instruments generally have to tune relative to those rather than an absolute.

Electronic tuners work from an in-built Microphone, an external microphone or contact microphone or direct from Pick Ups of Electric Instruments. One innovative tuner illuminates a vibrating string with 2 beams which dance on the string more or less as you move out of or into tune (Planet Waves Strobe Tuner).

The range is either specific to the instrument (e.g. GDAE - Fiddle or EADGBE - Guitar) or Chromatic. It has superceded the tuning fork and pitch pipes which were never that convenient.

Displays vary from Analogue (a needle indicator) through a digital representation of a needle to leds (usually red = sharp or flat and green = in tune) or a large letter with a red or green background.