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Fiddlers Dram

An English folk band formed by students at the University of Kent in the 1970s. They were regular members of the Duke of Cumberland Folk Club in Whitstable. In late 1979 they achieved chart success with Day Trip to Bangor. They actually went to Rhyll but it didn't scan as well as Bangor. The song was written by Debbie Cook. Their 'main band' was the Oyster Ceilidh Band which also included John Jones and Ian Kearey.

Line Up:


  • To See the Play (album 1978)
  • Fiddler's Dram (single 1979 - No4)
  • Fiddler's Dram (album 1980)

Where are they now?

  • Debbie Cook writes scripts for the Archers and East Enders
  • Chris Taylor teaches at Canterbury College and still gigs with many bands
  • Alan Prosser and Ian Telfer are in Oysterband
  • Cathy Lesurf sang with Albion and Fairport