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An Oxfordshire village (also called Leafield) and Cotswold Morris tradition collected by Cecil Sharp. Similar to Bampton, More graceful but less powerful than most {traditions}, it call for strong phrasing. ...In some ways, the best tradition... (Bacon).

A Whitsuntide festival. The costume was Box hat with ribbons, white cord knee breeches, white waistcoats, pleated Irish front shirts with elbow and wrist ribbons, white stockings. 

Today, dancing is preformed in the village by Ducklington, there being no traditional side in Leafield.


Dances (Sharp):

  • Processional
  • The Rose
  • Heel-and-Toe
  • Bobby and Joan
  • Dearest Dicky
  • Step Back
  • None so Pretty
  • Molly Oxford
  • Banks of the Dee

Dances (Bacon):

  • Country Gardens
  • Constant Billy
  • Balance the Straw
  • Young Collins
  • Shepherds Hey
  • The Forester
  • Glorisher (Leapfrog)
  • Jug by the Ear
  • Trunkles
  • The Old Woman Tossed Up
  • Old Marlborough
  • Mrs Casey
  • The Month of May / Lumps of Plum Pudding
  • Princess Royal
  • The Nutting Girl
  • Ladies Pleasure

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