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A country in Scandinavia.

Dances are the typical variants of European Court dances - Waltz, Mazurka, Schottische, Minuet, Polska and Polka but chain dances or Caroles still exist. There are dances derived from English Country Dance (via the French Contre Dance Anglais) called Ankleesi. The Quadrille was also popular. Dancing was sometimes done to unaccompanied song.

Traditional music is played on the Fiddle, Kantele (Finnish Zither) and Bowed Lyre as well as more recent instruments such as the Clarinet, Harmonium, Harmonica and Accordian.

Tunes are religious, song melodies, dance tunes (Pelimanni music), Rune Songs (Kalevalaic music) and traditional Kantele tunes.

Songs include poem singing (similar to Iceland) of Heroic Sagas and Rekilaulu Sleigh singing.