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Flanders And Swann

Two English performers who put on Revues and recorded their (mostly) comic songs during the 1950s and 1960s.

Michael Swann sang the songs and Donald Swann composed the tunes and played Piano accompianiment.

The revues were named At the Drop of a Hat and following its success, At the Drop of Another Hat both of which were recorded as albums.

Their other album, The Bestiary of Flanders and Swann was a studio recording.

Some of their songs are known to many, even if they don't know the origin such as the Hippopotamus song (Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud) and the Gnu Song or maybe the Weather Song, the Gasman Cometh or A Song for Patriotic Predjudice (The English, the English, the English are best).

In their varied repertoire, they managed a song about Thermodynamics (First and Second Law) and a beautiful song lamenting the loss of the small branch lines axed by Dr Beeching (Slow Train).