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A similar enterprise to this in some ways but run by the EFDSS as (from the main page):

From the Folkopedia site main page:
A Wiki dedicated to the Folk Arts of England and beyond.

....... a peer reviewed resource for students, teachers and enthusiasts\\

Folkopedia is a growing resource containing all sorts of interesting and valuable information about the traditional song, dance and music both in England and beyond....... and we want you to expand it!\\

It's **NOT** about gigs or artists or festivals so don't expect to put your club details in here or find out about your favourite folk performer. It **IS** about songs, tunes, customs, folk plays, dances, etc. - about where they come from, what they mean, who else does something similar elsewhere in the world; in time it will provide interesting trails to follow and find treasure you didn't know about before.

Being run by an organisation does run somewhat counter to the idea of Folk, but neverthless the organisation exists and has valuable resources. The enterprise has directors.

There is a growing content but much is brief is rather restricted. The section on concertinas for example is relatively undeveloped, and there are no entries for makers such as Lachenal, Wheatstone etc. Morris dancing, Longsword and Rapper are barely covered for example

There is a separate editor for each category and then a whole host for section edits (see below).

Category Editors:

  * Paul Burgess - Traditional Music
  * Dr Vic Gammon Newcastle University - Traditional Song
  * Keith Chandler - Traditional Dance
  * Dr Eddie Cass Traditional Drama Research Group - Traditional Drama
  * Doc Rowe (Hon PhD University of Sheffield) Traditional Customs
  * Dave Arthur Story Telling

Section Editors:

* Rod Stradling - All Categories: Recordings
* Martin Graebe - Collectors:Baring-Gould
* Irene Shettle - Collectors: Lucy Broadwood/John Broadwood
* Mike Barraclough - Dance: Social Dance
* Dr Elaine Bradtke - Dance: Molly
* Pete Wood - Region: North East
* Katie Howson - Region: East Anglia
* Sue Allan - County: Cumbria
* Liam Robinson - County: Lincolnshire
* Julia Say - County; Northumberland
* Dave Eyre - All Categories; Books
* Chris Coe - All Categories; Performance
* Andy Turner - Song Indexes
* Steve Gardham - Child Ballads
* Chris Timson - Instruments:Concertina
* Howard Mitchell - Instruments:Double Bass
* Kenneth Keppeler - South west USA traditions