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Gas Mark V

In late 1984, four ex-members of Flowers and Frolics mk II were stuck with the fairly difficult line-up of drums, melodeon, bass trombone and tenor trombone. Rob Gifford, Dan Quinn, Nick Havell and Trevor Bennett cast around for another tunist, and Rob finally invited Chris Taylor, recently ex the Oyster Band/ Fiddler's Dram, to bring his mouthorgans, banjo, guitar and melodeons out to play.........

August 1985 started Whitby Festival's long association with Gas Mark 5, having booked them without a name. Being considerably pressured by the need for a name on a growing pile of contracts, Dan Quinn consulted John Tams on the stairs of the Empress of Russia (the Islington Folk Club) . He told us that when stuck for a name for a tune or a band, he usually stole the fanciful names from recipe books. As we didn't fancy Medaillons Rossini a la Reine (a lot of vegetarians in the band then as now) he suggested Regulo 5: we modernised this slightly to GAS MARK 5. (so it's not Mk 5 or Mk V, but never mind - the Bank understands most variations!)

(From: Trevor Bennett)

Members: Chris Taylor (Melodeon, Mouth Organ, Guitar), Trevor Bennett (Trombone, Tuba), Rob Gifford (Drum), Dan Quinn (Melodeon) Nick Havell (Trombone, Piano)

Terry Mann (Melodeon and Saxophone) replaced Dan Quinn. Terry and Nick left and were replaced by Michael Davidson (Bass, Mandolin) and Dave Blackmore (Saxophone, Keyboard)


  • In The Kitchen 1987
  • Gas Mark Five 1989
  • Jump! 1991
  • Guizers 1993