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George Brassens

 A French musician, singer and song writer from the Montpellier region of France. Famously a Renault Car worker turned unlikely and diffident star and known in England for his similarity to and collaboration with Jake Thackray resulting for example with Brassens' song 'Le Gorille' being available in both languages. )It is also available in Spanish from Joaquin Carbonell and Italian from Fabrizio De Andre and probably many others).

The similarity with Thackray is incredible. Looking at his songs, the same types of theme seem to occupy both men both humerous and sombre e.g.:

  • Les amoureux des bancs publics
  • La mauvaise réputation
  • Supplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète,
  • La non-demand en marriage
  • La Cane de Jeanne
  • La guerre 14-18
  • Quand les cons sont brave