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George Formby

A well loved performer who made the banjo ukulele popular. Born in Lancashire. The wealth of songs are recreated lovingly by the George Formby Society. Imagine a few hundred people dressed like George with ukeleles, watching one of his films and then all breaking into massed song when George sings on screen. Stunning.

Remembered for TT races, films and songs like:

  • Leaning on a Lampost
  • When I'm cleaning Windows
  • Swimmin with the Wimmin
  • Fanlight Fanny
  • Grandad's Flanelette Nightshirt

George was seen playing many different Banjo Ukuleles and ukuleles in his films. The most common 'Banjolele' was a Ludwig but his absolute favourite was an Abbott Monarch. The Ludwig was bought by George Harrison. He also owned and played instruments by Gibson, Dallas and Van Allen