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The Hellenic Republic of Greece is a country composed of a mainland and a large number of small islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas.

It is famous of course for its ancient civilisation, architecture, philosophers, drama and music and although not an invading civilisation like the Romans, its influence spread widely throughout Europe.

Greek Folk music is diverse but has basically two forms Klephtic (no harmony) and Acritic and is played on traditional and modern instruments - Ouds, Lutes and Clarinets, Santouri and Fiddle with some form of percussion. The Klephtic music employs heterophony where each musician plays the tune differently or with improvisation, rather than trying to harmonise. Rebetika and taverna music are a more recent introduction.

Before the Clarinet (Klarino) arrived, the traditional instruments were reed pipe (Karamoudza) and drum (Daouli) which together are called Zygia.  

The typical instrument of Greece has to be the Bouzouki which is known still as the trichordo - simply the 3 stringed instrument. It has been known by other names such as Tamouras and Pantouri and the smaller version - the Baglamas.