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A county in the South of England with a coastline which includes the Solent.

There was certainly a Mummers Tradition in Hampshire in the 19th Century (Nettley Abbey 1892) and it survives at Overton and Crookham.

There is an ancient Bowls tradition at Southampton which has a competition called the Knighthood, but it is not a public tradition.

Abbots Ann has a Maidens' Garland (or Virgins' Crown) Custom in which Maidens carry a Hazel wood Crown in a funeral procession of an unmarried woman of unblemished character, born, baptised and confirmed in the Parish. The crown is left in the church where, for three weeks, the honour can be disputed. Apparently in some locations, men could be honoured in the same way, and sometimes the crown was put in the grave. Examples are known in Yorkshire and Shropshire.

Tichborne is the scene of a custom called the Tichborne Dole which happens on March 25th annually. It is a bizarre bequest that food in the form of corn (or bread there from) is distributed to the needy. The amount is alleged to be from the land that Sir Roger Tichborne's dying wife could crawl around while holding a torch in her hand, and before the torch burnt out. It was temporarily suspended in the 18th century and resurected in the 19th. The custom originated in the 13th century.

At the hospital of St Cross in Winchester, the alms houses have provided, since the 12th century, bread and ale to any who ask as Wayfarer's Dole.