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HarpA stringed Instrument associated with angels and all those who aspire.

From a song sung by Gracie Fields:

...I took me harp to a party
But nobody asked me to play...

A stringed instrument that is more tuned than played. The Harp is notorious for being sensitive to environmental changes which affect the tuning and with so many strings, it is not a trivial task to retune.

Similar to a Lyre except that the strings enter the Soundbox rather than lie across it. The Harp is an ancient instrument - probably 4000 BC or even earlier. They would have started as simple angles with strings stretched between. Nowadays there is a distinction between smaller simpler folk Harps such as the Celtic and the large Orchestral Harp. The Orchestral Harp has 47 strings (6 1/2 octaves) of nylon and wire wound nylon with 7 pedals. Each pedal is connected to the same note in each octave. The tuning is Cb and raising all pedals one notch raises the overall tuning by a semitone to C. Each notch raises the pitch by another semitone. Note that the Harp is Diatonic in conception but is can play any key (or mode) by use of the Pedals.