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Harvest time is the time of thanksgiving for the crops gathered in. Traditionally, it is about cereal crops with many customs arising from barley, wheat and corn.

There are traditions associated with cutting the last stoop, the party after the harvest is finished - Harvest Home, Corn Dollies , Crying The Neck and John Barleycorn.

In Yorkshire, the last stoop is called the Mell Sheaf and the meal that celebrates the end of harvest is the Mell Supper. The supper was normally interupted by the Guisers. The word Mell may be of Viking origin (Meal) or it may be of French origin (Mêler) as all ranks mixed together for the supper. As a Northern tradition, the Viking is the more likely, but both are possible and some combining could have taken place.

Races were held for women to win the Mell Sheaf and the corn it contained.

A sheaf, dressed in the clothes of a harvester and decorated with flowers was known as the Mell Doll.