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A county in the South of England, to the North of and bordering London. Although an ancient county it has been much influence by London and had lost much of its identity in Northern Home Counties, along with Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Apart from concerts and Medieval Jousting re-enactments at Knebworth House, there is not a lot that is folk tradition associated with Hertfordshire.

There are a large number of Revival Morris Sides and Mummers and Guisers and Folk Clubs but nothing of a tradition of its own. Hitchin Folk Club claims to be:

" of the longest running and most respected clubs in the country."

There are tantalising snippets of evidence that the well known celebrations such as Harvest and Halloween were once common in the county.

There is one interesting custom which takes place on Boxing Day which is the Bakers and Sweeps Football Match at Waltham Cross. Although popularly known for only 100 years, it has echoes back to a more ancient tradition or traditions.