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Highland Dance

Highland Dancing is these days danced competetively by both sexes with sections for juniors as well as adults (Primary, Beginners, Novice, Intermediate, Premier).

It is usually in the form of a programme with the Highland Fling, Highland Reel, Strathspey, Ghillie Callum (Sword dancing), Seann Truibhas (Old Trousers), Pas De Basques, Floras, Lilts, Jigs and Hornpipes. Dress code is quite strict - usually Kilts for men and Arboyne Dress for Women.

Dance steps are standardized by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing based in Edinburgh and formed in 1950. It effectively amalgamated support from The British Association of Teachers of Dancing which was founded in 1892, the United Kingdom Alliance (1902) and the Scottish Dance Teachers Alliance (1920s).

Many consider only the Fling, Seann Truibhas and Ghillie Callum as the true Highland Dances, the others being 'teaching steps' for the primary dances or more recent invented additions.