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Part of the Cotswold Morris tradition and actually in Warwickshire, lying just beneath the Northern Edge of the Cotswold hills.

Sharp informs us that the old side was disdanded in 1867 when the pipe and tabor player Tom Arthur died. The side appears to have been restarted in 1887 with 4 original dancers and help from Bidford. The costume was white (pleated shirts) and a single baldrick and black cricket caps. The present side wear black trousers, white non-pleated shirts,grey toppers and crossed yellow and blue baldricks.

Dances (Sharp):

  • The Maid of the Mill (LH)
  • The Old Woman Tossed up in a Blanket (H)
  • Shepherds Hey (S/HC)
  • The Cuckoo's Nest (S/HC)
  • The Black Joke (S/HC)

Dances (Bacon):

  • Processional
  • Jubilee Dance
  • Morris On
  • Bumpus O' Stretton
  • Molly Oxford
  • Buffoon
  • Nelson's Praise
  • The Lively Jig

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