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Irish Session

Some regard the Irish Session as the mother of Sessions. There are probably more Irish Sessions in the world than any other kind. There seems to be one in every major city in every country and in many towns and villages as well.

Irish Sessions tend to be pure - that is, unadulterated by any other music forms, although some tend to be Celtic which may include Scottish, Breton, Galician, Shetland etc.

Irish sessions themselves can be quite specific about the music they play. It is not uncommon to have a West Cork Session or a Clare Session and the difference is marked in the types of tunes and the speed of playing. West Cork may hammer Reels (Tunes) and other things (Jigs) while a Clare Session might have introduce Polkas and take Reels and Jigs more slowly.

The Etiquette of the session is probably taken more seriously in Irish Sessions and some formal sessions actively promote the right attitude. There is an inner ring of top players and concentric rings outwards according to rank and ability. Disruptive players are told to leave. You are invited into the inner circle when your playing is deemed good enough. The inner circle often wear jacket and tie. Sessions like this were once common in Ireland and ex-pat Irish Communities but less so now. 

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