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John Dipper

An English Traditional Musician who plays Fiddle, Concertina and Guitar.

A founder member of the English Acoustic Collective, John is a respected and sought after tutor and has taught on the Newcastle University Folk Music Degree course as well as at the MA World Irish Music Course at Limerick University, and at many of the major fesitvals in the UK, as well as in Australia and the USA.

John's compelling compositions can be found on several CDs including the new Methera CD as well as on the English Acoustic Collective's album: Ghosts. - John Dipper August 2008

His father, Colin Dipper is a well known Concertina maker.

Bands: English Acoustic Collective, Methera, Patterson Jordan Dipper, Martyn Wyndham-Read and No-Man's Band, The John Dipper Band