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 Kirtlington is part of the Cotswold Morris tradition and is a village in Oxfordshire. The tradition died in the early 1860s and was entirely 'reconstructed' by Paul Davenport who was Squire of Green Oak Morris in Doncaster (and ex-Green Ginger Morris Dancer). The 'tradition' was given to the village in 1979 and there has been a village side since then.

Bacon reports it was lightly danced with straight leg, allied to Bucknell it combined '..the briskness of Bucknell with the freedom of Bampton'. 

 The Kirtlington Lamb Ale is a well known and recorded Whitsuntide event which dates back to at least the early 1600s.


Dances (Bacon)

  • Trunkles (H)
  • The Old Woman Tossed Up 

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