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Latin American

Latin America is a term for those countries on the American continent whose language is or derives from one of the Romance languages, the most prevalent being Spanish and Portuguese.

In the music there is also an African rhythmic influence which is heard in for example the Rumba (Cuba) and Samba (Brazil) but pervades the majority of musical styles.

What is indigenous to this region is uncertain. Most of the music now associated with the Latin countries is a fusion and derives from the 16th century onwards with roots in the traditions of the contributing cultures.


  • Tango (Argentina)
  • Lambada, Samba, Bosso Nova (Brazil)
  • Cueca (Chile)
  • Salsa, Rumba, Mambo (Cuba)
  • Merengue (Dominican Republic)
  • Mariachi (Mexico)
  • Marimba (Nicaragua)