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Lemmy Brazil

Lementina (Lemmy or Lemmie) Brazil was a traveller from a large family of travellers. Born around 1890 somewhere in the south of England - probably outside Southampton, she was one of 15 children. The family settled in Gloucestershire after travelling in Ireland for 27 years. The family were from Devon and others in the family played and sang too. Danny who died in 2003 was the last of the 15 children and was a talented musician, singer and step dancer. His voice was damaged in a fight between him and his brother Harry.

Brazil is a formalised spelling of the name which was pronounced 'Brazzle' and some sources have the name Brezil rather than Brazil.

A Musician (Mouth Organ and Melodeon) and singer, she had a large repertoire and is immortalised in sessions by one of the two tunes with her name on. Lemmy Brazil's No 2 is actually a Schottishce but often played as a hornpipe and is a well known tune to many Session players.

Recordings were made in the 1960s of Lemmy and Alice, Tom, Harry. Danny and Hyram and later recordings contributed to the 'Voice of the People' series on Topic. Theer is a 3 CD set from Musical Traditions called Down by the Old Riverside which is a collection of songs and tunes from the Brazil family including those named above plus Weenie, Angela (his daughter), Doris Davies, Joan Taylor and Debbie and Pennie Davies.