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MandocelloIn the Mandolin family, the instrument which corresponds in tuning and range to the Cello of the Violin family. It was used mainly in Mandolin Orchestras (along with the Mandolin, Mandola and Mandobass) in the early 20th Century.

Like all the mandolin family, it has 4 double string courses and is tuned CGDA an octave below the Mandola. It has a typical scale length of around 25 inches (650 mm).

Because of its deeper voice and bass qualities, it is making a comeback in Folk Music where it adds a new dimension to traditional instrumentation. It is also one of those category of instruments in the same confused identity position as the Bouzouki and Octave Mandola, where the Scale Length and alternative tunings available provide a general purpose Rhythm and Melody instrument.

Pictured: A Mandolin and a Clifford Essex Mandocello.