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The history of Martin begins in Europe. Christian Frederick Martin  was born in Germany in 1796 and learned Guitar making from Johann Stauffer. In 1833 he emigrated to America, settling in New York before moving out to Nazareth, PA. His son (also CF Martin) took over the business in 1873 when his father died.

The Martin company became well known for guitars long before the craze of the 40s and 50s and had already added Mandolins, Ukuleles and Banjos to their catalogue.

In 1970, Martin acquired the Vega works in Boston, the Fibes Drum company and Darco Strings (D'Addario)

Some of the Martin innovations are x-bracing, 14-fret necks, backpacker models and ethical sourcing.

The most popular model has been the Dreadnought and a backpacker has been taken up into space aboard the Space Shuttle.