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English Banjo Maker 

George Matthews was a Banjo maker from Birmingham who sold under his name and was a maker-to-the-trade for Rose Brothers, Ball Beavon, Thibouville amongst others. He manufactured from about 1880 in Soho Hill where his factory was located.

This is a description of a 1900 Matthews banjo:

A 12 3/8" rim coupled with the 25 5/8" scale gives this banjo a great old time sound. The fingerboard is ebony with a star near the 5th peg and 5" of engraved metal leaves at the octave. The side of the neck is inlaid with 1/4" mother-of-pearl dots approximately where the frets would be if this were a fretted banjo the neck itself is walnut, and the rim is maple with a full spinover. Geared tuners on the peghead and a friction 5th peg.