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A lively dance for couples in triple time known since at least the 16th century. From the Polish - a district called Mazovia near Warsaw.

A common form of the dance invovles the mazurka step (L,R, hop or R,L, hop) followed by a waltz step which is repeated as the couple navigate the dance floor. The couple may also rotate as they dance the waltz step.

The original dance involved heel clicking using brass heels on the shoes and many moves making it quite a complicated and probably an exhibition dance. When slimmed down to the basic step and combined with waltz, polka or redowa steps, it became a popular social dance and made its way all over the world.

Irish Mazurkas

Thought to have been brought by various regiments to Ireland originally.

Well known Irish Mazurkas include

  • Sonny's Mazurka
  • The Donegal
  • Vincent Campbell's
  • Shoe the Donkey (Varsovienne)
  • Charlie Lennon's